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All of Dancing Veils products are made of 100% silk. Each piece is individually custom made to order. No two are uniquely alike. Our flowers are authentically “life like” looking and add a romantic and classic addition to the Brides style for her special day.

All of Nancy Sinoway’s veils and & headpieces are interchangeable and can be worn together or separate….at the Bride’s discretion of course!

There are 3 words to describe our headpieces & veils…. Beautiful, luxurious, glorious.

* Please note that all images shown in full pieces…items are all sold separately

Descriptive Chart

Headpiece Type Size Available In
Madeline Single rose type
Silk satin organza
Pearl centers
5″ diameter Ivory or silk white
Valentina (Deux Fleurs) Double peonie type
Silk satin organza
Rhinestone centers
4-1/2″ diameter eac
Ivory or silk white
Grace Vintage silk satin bow 5″ wide
2″ high
Ivory or silk white or bisque
Jackie O Petite vintage silk satin bow 4″ wide
3/4″ high
Ivory or silk white or bisque
Lidia Double silk satin orchid
Pearl centers
8″ wide
4-1/2″ high
Ivory or silk white or ivory/blush
Violetta Individual silk satin organza petals
with Swarovski crystal centers
1 dozen total
6 single petals, 6 double petals
Ivory or silk white

"Please note that the Nancy Sinoway Design collection is designed to upcycle, or to re-use a garment to create something new of even higher quality. By designing beautiful pieces to wear with various other pieces, the ultimate effect is the creation of a long-term, classic, designer wardrobe.
We recommend experienced seamstress alterations on all custom garments."