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How to Measure

The more measurements you provide us, the better.

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Please take a “fabric-like” tape measure…..not metal, and measure all of the areas that pertain to your design. The more measurements you provide us, the better. Take the tape measure and measure the specific area that you are preparing for. (ex. For tops and blouses…..upper measurements including waist and hip area. For skirts waist, hip, length etc.) Make sure the tape measure is not pulled tight but allow for two fingers to be allowed to put under the tape. This will allow ease with your garment measurement. See diagram to see how to measure.

The more accurate, the better your garment will fit. Please DO NOT allow for weight loss. You can always take in, but not as easily to let out. There is always ease in each garment for you to alter. The more precise, the better for your final design. You can always go to a local tailor/seamstress to do the measurements for you, or ask a friend to assist you. Please be sure that your measurements are TRUE to size. It is the upmost importance for us to serve you better to give you a garment you love and that fits you almost to perfection.

Again, we recommend that all of our garments should be tailored by an experienced seamstress to maintain the fit and design that it deserves.


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"Please note that the Nancy Sinoway Design collection is designed to upcycle, or to re-use a garment to create something new of even higher quality. By designing beautiful pieces to wear with various other pieces, the ultimate effect is the creation of a long-term, classic, designer wardrobe.
We recommend experienced seamstress alterations on all custom garments."