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Sashes and Belts

A wonderful accent to any ensemble….

Our sashes are original designs and available in 15 colors. All custom made to order. We have 5 luxurious and unique styles to choose from.

Our grosgrain belts are made from silk/rayon grosgrain made in France. We have over 15 colors and two widths to choose from. A perfect addition to any Bridal gown or a “punch of color” for your Bridesmaid dress, for any formal occasion.

Our sashes and belts are created to wear again…..and not just for that ONE time…With a beautiful white blouse with pencil pants, a lovely basic black dress, and even a skirt casually worn with a denim jacket. All of this is up to your attitude on dressing. Let your creative juices flow and recycle.

How to tie a perfect grossgrain sash bow.

How to tie our FAMOUS cumberbund sash perfectly

How to tie a sash bow 3 ways

"Please note that the Nancy Sinoway Design collection is designed to upcycle, or to re-use a garment to create something new of even higher quality. By designing beautiful pieces to wear with various other pieces, the ultimate effect is the creation of a long-term, classic, designer wardrobe.
We recommend experienced seamstress alterations on all custom garments."