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Our veils were designed to enhance the beauty of the Bride and her dress…..and in the end, to be the final “frosting on the brides beautiful day”

Dancing Veils are made with authentic Chantilly lace (when applicable) and our veiling is full and lavish (108” width) which enables them to be glorious looking and not “skimpy”. All of our products are made in the USA and France and we never substitute…..EVER.

Once a Bride adorns herself with our Dancing Veil…the only extra thing that she needs is a beautiful smile. 😉

* Please note that all veils and headpieces are sold separately.

Henya – Fingertip

Anna – Chappel

Rhea – Cathedral




"Please note that the Nancy Sinoway Design collection is designed to upcycle, or to re-use a garment to create something new of even higher quality. By designing beautiful pieces to wear with various other pieces, the ultimate effect is the creation of a long-term, classic, designer wardrobe.
We recommend experienced seamstress alterations on all custom garments."